Norwegian-speaking home cooks/cooking enthusiasts wanted for social media advertising!

We are currently looking for a Norwegian-speaking, open-minded person between the ages of 40-65:

The mission is to review Japanese kitchen knives and at the same time record - therefore it is important to have a genuine interest in the area.

In the advert, we want you to film yourself while showing the product in pictures and talking about the knives. An ordinary mobile phone camera of a newer type works great for filming, as long as the content of the video is sharp.

It is important that you produce a draft video, feel free to try out different camera angles or different phrases that attract attention.

You must also agree that you will appear in our adverts on social media and website.

Upon agreement, we will send the knives to you and as a fee you get to keep the knives with a value of SEK 1399.

(Please attach a voice memo or video in your application).

Søknadsperioden er utløpt

Søknadsperioden for denne jobben er utløpt. Du kan fortsatt lese om det, men det er ikke lenger mulig å søke.

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